Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper

₹​ 2299
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The Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper is a fun, delightful collection of carefully curated products that aim to empower, bolster confidence and bring families and friends together.

  • My Life My Way, Personal Almanac,
  • Conversation Cards for families,
  • Wally’s Words Vocabulary Cards for kids,
  • Stickers, Bookmarks, Magnets and more goodies.

A collection of fun activities and goodies for all...

Wally’s Words, Vocabulary Cards

₹​ 549
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Words are the currency of communication and improves listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. It enhances academic and social competence and confidence. Wally’s Words is a delightful collection of vocabulary words for kids ages 5-10 years.

My Life My Way, a Personal Almanac

₹​ 990.00
(4 reviews)

My Life My Way, A Personal Almanac aimed at empowering women of all ages chase their dreams, plan and organize their goals, track their schedules, habits & ideas, and get inspired and motivated to start living their dream life. It is also a beautiful, keepsake memory book to look back with nostalgia & pride at the accomplishments and triumphs, both...

The Conversation Cards

₹​ 750
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This box contains 100 quirky, fun, conversation cards that have interesting, thought provoking, imaginative questions and statements designed to connect families, friends and teams. These cards are a device-free option and provide thoughtful, insightful, empathetic and crucial topics guaranteed to spark fun & sometimes deep conversations that bring people together.